May 15, 2011

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Sorry guys, this time I won't say a word about particles, but will be talking about a quite important event in the design world. Organized by "Grupo Versátil" and my high school, "Salesianos Atocha", the meeting gathered several designers in Spain, in which they could offer a 25 minutes speech talking about whatever they wanted to.

As in, studying there and not helping would be an offense, given that videogame design is quite related to overall graphic design. So, I volunteered and joined the staff :D

I could even meet Ana Mesas, the woman that usually offers Adobe speeches in Spain. Well, I actually saw her previously, twice (Graphispag in Barcelona, and CS5.5 and HTML5 in Madrid's IMAX), so I went ahead and told her about that. Probably a stupid move but, that time was certainly the person I've fancied the most to ever meet.

That's it. Got to study for three exams next week, so I'm sorry about the delays regarding particles. I hope you understand it, will compensate for this ;)

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