Apr 11, 2011

Tron Fortress

The effects some of you wanted, here for download :D
I'm really glad about the success this video has been for the TF2 Community. Despite the low visibility, it's clearly one of the coolest fragvids I've ever seen. And I've had a lot of luck by getting contacted by "decap", from whom I'd have ever thought that would even talk to me, in any sense. This applies to all you guys (bon, Leshley, longas, MightyMe, ATX, Flame, and a long etcetera) :)

Warning! Do not even try to use these effects in-game. Gibbing three to four enemies at once managed to crash my new PC (a brand, new high end one) so I do not encourage it. Plus, except for the trails and the explosions, the bloody gibs are consistency-protected. And even if you use them for rendering videos, they might make your PC crash if it's too old. And they might increase significantly your rendering times, depending mainly on your GPU/CPU.


  1. Megaupload's been taken down, it'd be awesome if you could re-upload the tron effects.

  2. Please reupload, there are some who still want this

  3. It is on TF2Banana now!