May 17, 2013

Something new to come...

It's been a long time. A hard time, indeed. I disappeared from the Internet, websites, forums, and lost contact with quite everyone I knew before. Lots of things have happened, both good and bad. You probably noticed (if you followed this blog before - kudos to you =] ) I gradually stopped posting things, making videos or particle effects.

But now, I'm on my way again. Not entirely sane, that's for sure. I'll explain everything the most throughly I can, in a long post with a pretty tl;dr. I've got a hefty teal re-design for the blog (who would I be without teal) and hopefully get rid of the spammers. Stay tuned!

Mar 24, 2012

Megaupload takedown

Hello buddies. Yep, Megaupload has been taken down. However I need to ask you guys to send me all the files you downloaded from me before, because easily I lost 30% of them due to hard drive re-formatting. From now on I'll try to upload these files on more than one hosting at a time to possibly avoid this situation in the future. It's been shit, actually, because there was also legal content that had been uploaded to MU by lots of people, and I fear it's never coming back.

I already reuploaded the PLDX effects, and will reupload the Tron ones whenever I get the full rar file (as of now I just have the consistency-safe particles)

Dec 16, 2011

In response to all the people talking about what happened to me..

Hello fellas. I'm really sorry I've been offline all this time. Here comes the explanation:

In the past year, I started some new technical design studies, and I thought I could still carry on with particle edition as a full time task. However, in this second (and last) year, the amount of homework we've been assigned to do has dramatically increased. This, combined with a probably unhealthy emerging OCD, makes me waste a lot of time in visual details, leaving me almost no free time. I barely have enough to go out with my friends and carry on with my life itself.

However, I'm not abandoning particle edition, at all. I'll get back on particle edition as soon as I can (which is probably by March). See you then, guys, and thanks for staying interested!