Dec 18, 2010

Send your effects!

Hey there!

Just a quick shoutout to remind you you can send your effects to me if you need help in creating specific behaviours or whatever!

Oh, and I might upload a new video with downloadable effects soon. COMMENT BITCHES


  1. I think I'll send you my flamethrower systems, it's basically a combination of everything I thought was best of all your flamethrower systems put together with some fine tuning. I'll be honest, I just wanted to see how the particle editor worked, and it sort of grew into a personal project :)

  2. err, looking forward your next release.
    any chance you can release the trail of pipe bomb & sticky(stickybomb.pcf) as a stand alone particle package? the one you released before make my game crash sometimes(don't know why), that one is very good as it's not just good looking, also have some functionality