Nov 22, 2010

No more rare poop in my head!

Don't like the nasty Unusual effects? Are they ruining your cool fragvids?

Here's the solution! Just download these custom effects and they will never show up again.
Requested by flame

Regarding other particle stuff...I'm a little busy at the moment. I may post a video I recorded the last week (some 1000 FPS' thingy) but don't expect any activity until December 3rd. Sorry guys ;)


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  2. awesomesauce. I'd like to be able to put the default hats on the players. Some hats are downright UGLY.

  3. Hot damn..Im here.

  4. I'm very aware that this particle file is intended for moviemaking. I use It also for normal gameplay, so I don't see those effects really. I just notice that with explosions happening nearby the game just laggs out with this installed. Half the times it results in a game crash.

    Does it maybe need an update?