Aug 7, 2010

Something electrified this way comes

I waited a long time before doing another medic beam effect. This one was specially difficult to do, and I finally had to cut out a nice "wannabe" feature: two wings that came out of the ├╝bercharge target. While it was really cool, the wings couldn't rotate as I expected, so they completely blocked the view for the medic's mate. However, I made a good marker to compensate that con, because it only shows up when your healee is moving, and never when he's standing (you'll see what I mean right when you test it :3)

Note: You can make it work for DX8 by renaming the file "medicgun_beam.pcf" to "medicgun_beam_dx80.pcf" with no glitches or anything!


  1. This is so good it even beats your "dotted" medic beam :o

  2. I love your particles, and now my game looks completely awesome, thanks to you! If you could re-release some of your older effects, like some of the older Hadoukens, and the erratic needle trail, that would be awesome! X3
    Your work is epic on a whole new scale. It beats Valve on every plane.

  3. @Anonymous

    Thankee, but I don't think I could ever surpass Valve. After all, their artists create the sprites I use to modify these effects, and they're already implemented in-game by them. Thanks for the appreciation, though ;)

  4. i cant get it to work, isn't it supposed to be a pcf file? its a rar file for me.

  5. It's a .rar with the whole file path done, so you just extract it into your "tf" folder and you're done.

  6. Very nice :3

    I just downloaded your '[Effect] - Stylized medic beam' and it works great. I love the different curved beams of light on this effect. Also I am not sure but I do not think your rocket explosion fx works anymore :[ but I did enjoy using whatever particle effect I could before Valve broke it >:[

    Great work though, hopefully you stay motivated to make more :]

    PS would you kindly release the music you used for this video?