Jun 27, 2010

Some particles for you to download

While the PLDX guys work on their tool so it goes alright, I made these effects out of boredom.

The nailtrails are a neat version inspired in one of my first releases. It grants a lot of help when aiming with the syringe gun AND it has proven to be very useful when avoiding these projectiles. The critical syringes have a twirling line along with some electricity. They're best used on high resolutions with antialias activated, because long distances make it croppy.
The same file works for both DX8 and DX9, I recommend to use it only if you have a big screen resolution and antialias activated, or else you will see a lot of bad edges.

The flamethrower effects are just some default flamethrower effects smashed up with team colored flames. They look fine enough and shouldn't drain too many FPS. The crit effects are also mixtures between team colors and default flames.

The hadouken you can see in the video is made of all the separate light beam effects I made into one. I also included separate versions, having "Black", "Orange", "Purple", "Teal", "Red" and "All-in-one" available in the download link. Only available for DX9 users. Renaming the file to "flamethrower_dx80.pcf" will make the airblast effect look bad (weird squares everywhere)

Click here to download ^^


  1. the hadouken is totally awesome omg...

  2. You have some pretty neat stuff here, but I have a question. When using these particles, does it cause a significant fps loss? If so, as much as I want to use these, I couldn't.

  3. I really like these, especially the Flamethrower particles. I think you should try editing the particles of the Wrangler's Sentry shield next- perhaps make it less of a bubble and more form-fitting or something?

    Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure it'll be interesting. :)

  4. I took your original flamethrower particles, modified them a bit (colour, some emission rate/lifetime tweaking), combined them with aspects of this one's, modified it a little more and am now content that I have the best damn flamethrower particles ever :)