Jun 12, 2010

PLDX just done, greetings OBM

Despite the cryptic title, I didn't give up with the PLDX recording tool. I just finished it. And sent the effects to Aaron^Rip and Mats, the guys who are making the program and web themselves. When they tell me, I'll publish the promotional video here along with a download link for the PLDX tool and a separate link for those who only want the particles.

However, a while ago a guy called Sparkwire, who was an old FPSB Studio mate, asked me to give him my msn address so I could talk to a Swedish developer (was he Swedish? I can't remember. I'm sure he's from the North of Europe)(never mind, he's german).
However, a week or two had passed and I didn't talk with anyone. Until today, when I connected and this guy, dopefish, talked to me. He spoke about Operation Black Mesa, a mod that tries to recreate the successful mod - Opposing Force, with all the advantages of the Source engine.
I took a look over the website and the project seemed cool. dopefish asked me to do some particle effects, so I signed up in their forum and made the application thread. Lets just hope they accept me, this mod seems something big, maybe as big as PLDX, or perhaps more or less, but in any case, it would be my second mod work (the first one is "Proyect - Z" in which I'm currently stuck because the leader blocked custom content and therefore, there's no way to see any progress). Anyways, thanks for reading. Please, you know you can comment out what you think ;)


  1. They all look awesome Bolty. One thing though. Do you think you could make team coloured fire and improve the nail trails?

  2. @ Ted
    I made some nail trails, but they're not showed up in the video (completely forgot about them XD)

    The team colored fire brings up two problems: First, the "fire" sprite sheet is slightly yellow, so when coloring it blue, it seems "greenish" or much darker. The second thing is that when making players burn in their opposite team's color, it is very confusing. Also, when a player dies from afterburn or is killed while burning, it can only use one fire particle config. In example:
    Blu pyro attacks Red scout with BLU fire. Red scout dies and falls to the ground, and the color of the burning corpse fire is shared with red, so if it burns blue, the other team will also burn that color.

  3. i like the lines of the critic rockets hell :D

  4. Bolty, could you link me to your demoman particles? :) I can't seem to find them, Thanks!

  5. I am learning more and more about custom particles in source and have a grasp of the basics but how do I create animated particles? (changing fire sprites)